President - Mike Kozlik

Mike Kozlik is President of Advantage Resources, Inc., a business services firm based in Birmingham, Alabama providing customized consulting services to privately owned businesses.

Advantage Resources is focused on helping privately owned businesses and their owners grow and succeed by providing Strategic Analysis, Strategic Planning, Strategic Plan implementation, Business Development support; Business Development training; Leadership Training; project and program management, and business operations management consulting. As part of Advantage Resources Inc., Mike also owns the local TAB (The Alternative Board) Franchise [TAB Central Alabama]. TAB provides Executive Peer Board services and Executive level Advisory and Coaching to privately owned businesses’ owners throughout the Birmingham area. Mike’s experience has helped numerous privately owned businesses grow faster and further than their owners had originally envisioned while simultaneously achieving personal goals and objectives. These unique, customizable and cost effective services provide privately owned businesses with the Advantages enjoyed by large businesses.


Mike’s 30(+) year career spans the commercial, military, and government services sectors where he built and grew companies and operations for small businesses, as well as large multi-national corporations. Industry sectors included technical and professional staffing and placement, training and training development, as well as logistics and logistics engineering in the government contracting sector. He has also served 32 years as an Officer in the Army, serving in the National Guard, Regular Army, and Army Reserve, retiring as a Colonel. His expertise has been in Business Development and Business Development training, strategic planning, Leadership Training and Development and business operation. In his last corporate position he served as the Director, of Business Development and Operations for an Alaska Native (8a) company.

Mike has had a life-long passion for flying. In 2011, after retiring from the Army and transitioning to the start of his own business, he started his journey in learning how to fly. He received his Private Pilot certificate in February 2013. Currently Mike is working on his Instrument Rating and expects to complete that sometime in 2019.

Mike has been serving as the President of the 51st Aero Squadron since January 2018 and is in his second term.

“My goal is to grow the 51st Aero Squadron to the largest, private membership flying club in Alabama, and to facilitate all member’s needs and passion for flying by having and maintaining a excellent and diverse fleet of aircraft to meet all member needs.”

“We welcome anyone who has the desire to learn to fly, or extend their flying capabilities with more endorsements and ratings, and to just enjoy the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.”


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